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Advantages of configuration and deployment services

• How do I balance my PC requirements with the requirements to reduce costs and ensure business continuity?
• How do I configure complex PC hardware and software so that end users are happy and productivity remains high?
• What effort by the IT-professionals of the organization is required to ensure a consistent PC configuration and deployment of PCs on a global scale?

Take advantage of individual customization to get ready-to-work PCs with minimal investment and maximum quality.
Setup and deployment services are exactly what you need. As part of these services, PCs are provided with already individually configured systems and applications, as well as the necessary individual markings, including protective ones. These services also provide a quick return on investment, lower total cost of ownership, high end-user satisfaction, and competitive advantages. Configuration and deployment services are built on a reliable and efficient scalable service delivery platform.

• Ready-to-use integrated hardware and software configured to meet your IT-standards
• Minimize the total cost of ownership and ensure high returns through proper investment planning
•Advanced logistics and installation services that simplify PC deployment

117335, Russia, Moscow,
3, Architect Vlasov street
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