117335, Russia, Moscow,
3, Architect Vlasov street
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Information protection

We carry out a full range of activities for the technical protection of confidential information, including the use of cryptographic tools.
Using the best integrated technical solutions available on the Russian information security market, we ensure the highest quality of work and full compliance with legal requirements.
The main directions of our services are:
Assessment of compliance with information security requirements;

  • Protection of commercial secrets;
  • Personal data protection;
  • Protection of payment systems;
  • Creating a confidential records management system;
  • Organization of secured communication channels;
  • Ensuring the legal significance of electronic document management;
  • Creating a business continuity and incident recovery system;
  • Creating a system for reserving information resources;
  • Implementation of separate information security subsystems
117335, Russia, Moscow,
3, Architect Vlasov street
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